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Specializing in Sports Performance, Strength and Conditioning, and Sports Nutrition we have the experience and knowledge to take an athlete to the next level. Our private facility features equipment found nowhere else in Miami. Our ability to adapt to each athlete’s dynamic needs has separated us from the rest. We can train small groups of 4-10 athletes in a team setting or just 1-on-1 to target specific goals.

Miami Flexibility Trainers are on the cutting edge of innovative methods to increase athletic performance and injury prevention. Our certified trainers are knowledgeable in several stretching systems like muscle activation methods and mobilization techniques to name a few. Each session is catered to an individual’s specific needs, so some sessions may be geared to firing muscle patterns while others may be more therapeutic.

Our modern Physical Therapy facility and outstanding team can provide the best environment for patient success.Combined with our hands-on, results-based approach, Fox Physical Therapy creates an enjoyable and motivating atmosphere to address a wide range of sports related injuries. We also feature an Alter G treadmill. This anti gravity treadmill allows injured athletes to run and increase cardiovascular endurance while eliminating impact during rehabilitation.

At Health-Fit Chiropractic & Sports Medicine we treat all athletes of various levels from the weekend warrior to the professional athlete. If it’s a sport,we have treated an injury related to it. All of our patients go through a series of functional examinations in conjunction with the chiropractic and sports medicine exam to determine the diagnosis and underlying cause of the injury. In addition, our athletes are also assessed and/or consulted on possible sport-related causes to their injury.

At -240 degrees our Cryo Sauna revives the body and charges our natural healing abilities. This temporary dry chill surrounds your body and cues your evolutionary bio-response to cold. The three-minute session provides an invigorating experience and promotes natural healing. Schedule your appointment today email


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